Learn the difference between - Remember, Remind & Memorize - Free English Lessons Online
Published: 5 months ago By: Learn English with Let's Talk - Free English Lessons

Learn the difference between - Remember, Remind & Memorize - Free English Lessons Online

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This free English Lesson from Let’s Talk Spoken English Institute we will help you understand the difference between the three words, remember, remind and memorize and also show you how to use the words correctly in spoken English.

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Remember – Mostly used when you think of a memory or a past experience. You remember something yourself or you tell someone to remember something or ask them, if they do.

• Do you remember her name?
• I remember this place, I have been here before.
• I can’t remember the name of this track.

Remind – is used when a person, a thing or a situation makes you think about something, so it means that somebody else causes you to remember something.

• Please remind me to pay the bill.
• This boy/girl reminds me of my childhood.
• Do I need to remind you to take your pills daily?

Memorize – is the act of trying to put some information into your memory.

• I want to memorize the lyrics of this song.
• I haven’t memorized my annual day speech.
• It’s difficult to memorize so much of information.

I hope that this Spoken English lesson has cleared your doubts regarding these commonly confused words. Keep practising and watching our videos to become fluent in spoken English.

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