Friday The 13th The Game In Real Life
Published: 2 months ago By: Oddest of the Odd

Friday The 13th The Game In Real Life

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Friday The 13th The Game In Real Life is finally here! The Oddest of the Odd become camp counselors who come face to face with the unstoppable Jason in this game to real life video. The Oddest of the Odd has been working on this short film for 6 months now and we’re super excited to bring Jason Vorhees to Youtube! To enter the OOTO Friday the 13th giveaway, you must follow us on Instagram at oddestoftheodd1. Details for the contest will be posted later next week. Be sure to hit that like button and and DO NOT forget to SUBSCRIBE! More videos coming soon. Huge shoutout to Gun Media and Illfonic for bringing one of the most iconic horror characters to the video game world. If you guys want to play some Friday the 13th with us, add us on Playstation- OddestoftheOdd. Special appearance by our homie PhysicalGamerz. Be sure to go check out his channel for more badass content. Also, go check out our special effects artist’s channel as well for more amazing videos on his work. Thanks again for watching... STAY ODD!!!!

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